New Year's Eve Kids Party

Creating the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Kids Party

Planning the ultimate New Year’s Eve Kids Party is no easy feat. There are many things to consider, from how to keep them entertained while they wait for midnight to what food you’ll serve. Here are some ideas to help make this New Year’s Eve the one your kids will remember for years.

6 Ideas for Creating a Fun Family New Year’s Eve Party

Have a Mock Countdown or Noon Year’s Eve

Kids can get very excited about the idea of a countdown, but it can be difficult to keep them up until midnight. You can make things easier by playing televised celebrations such as New York City Live in Times Square or New Year’s Eve countdown collection videos from Netflix and Twinkl Kids’ TV. Another way to keep the spirit of New Year’s Eve alive without letting them stay up past their bedtime is to consider a Noon Year’s Eve. This can be as simple as setting the countdown ten minutes before 12 noon and keeping the kids engage with activities they can get from DIY countdown bags.

Make DIY NYE Hats and Other Crafts

While they wait for the clock to strike midnight, crafts can keep your kids occupied. Let them decorate their hats with whatever they like using these supplies:

  • Printable Party Hat Template
  • Coloring pens or markers
  • Ribbon
  • Printer Card
  • Glue or Tape
  • Other optional design accessories like glitters, sequins, or buttons

Make a Time Capsule

Time capsules can be an opportunity for kids to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and create something they will look forward to in the future. Start by having them write down what they hope to accomplish in the next year and bury it somewhere safe with some fun trinkets from the past.

Prepare Kid Friendly Snacks and Mocktails

You don’t want the kids to get hungry while the grown-ups are having fun, so prepare an assortment of snacks on hand that they will love, including fruit skewers, mini pizzas, or pretzels.

You can also make non-alcoholic punches by mixing juice or soda water with a dash of grenadine syrup. You might also try adding sparkling water and decorating the drinks with cookies or gummy worms for a festive look.

Play Games and Scavenger Hunts

Another way to keep the kids entertained is by playing games and scavenger hunts around the house, so they don’t feel like they’re just sitting around waiting for midnight. This could include minute to win it games, pictionary, or treasure hunting which each child has to find before midnight strikes.

Have a Virtual Photobooth

Use the Babypalooza Virtual Photobooth to capture your NYE memories. Share the link with family members all over the world.

Any other fun, kid-friendly activities you can think of for New Year’s? Comment below!

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