Moxi daycare on demand

Moxi: Daycare on Demand

In a world where schedules are anything but predictable, Moxi is stepping in to redefine daycare. Designed with the utmost flexibility in mind, Moxi allows you to secure quality daycare on a schedule that suits you, without any long-term commitments or hidden fees.

What is Moxi?

Moxi is not just another daycare service; it’s daycare on demand. With Moxi, you can enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality daycare service without long-term commitments, contracts, or hidden fees. Imagine having the peace of mind to plan your day, your week, or even just your afternoon, knowing that your child is in safe hands. Whether it’s for a spontaneous appointment, a day off from school, or simply because you need some ‘me time,’ Moxi has you covered. That’s what Moxi promises: Flexibility and peace of mind at an affordable daily rate.

How Does Moxi Work?

What sets Moxi apart is its unique partnership with existing daycare centers to utilize unused daycare days. They partner with top-notch daycare centers and their existing families to sell unused daycare days. Yes, you read that right: the days when children don’t go to daycare due to family trips, doctor appointments, or any other reason are now available for purchase by Moxi families.

Moxi creates a win-win situation for all involved.

  1. For the Releasing Family: If your child misses a day at daycare, Moxi pays you for that unused day.
  2. For the Daycare Centers: Moxi pays daycare centers for these unused days, unlocking new revenue streams that can be invested in staff raises, facility upgrades, or other important areas.
  3. For Moxi Families: You get the most flexible, cost-effective childcare available on the market today.
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Discover How to Join the Moxi Community

If you’re tired of juggling your family’s complex schedule or struggling to find reliable childcare for just a day or two, visit today to explore your options.

How Daycare Centers Can Collaborate with Moxi

If you’re a daycare center looking to optimize your revenue, improve your facility, and be part of this innovative change in childcare, Moxi offers you a perfect opportunity. Don’t let empty daycare spots go to waste; monetize them through Moxi and invest back into your center.

Special Promotion: Daycare Referrals

For a limited time, Moxi is running a promotion for daycare referrals. If you introduce Moxi to daycare centers that you know and love, you get paid for it! This is the perfect chance for parents and daycare centers alike to get involved and benefit from the new, flexible world of childcare that Moxi offers.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit or meet the Moxi team at their booth at the Birmingham Babypalooza Baby Expo this weekend.

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