2023 imagination festival at magic city art connection

Magic City Art Connection’s Imagination Festival for Kids

Get ready to dive into a world of color, creativity, and imagination! The Magic City Art Connection’s Imagination Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that offers children an unparalleled opportunity to explore the world of art and their own creative potential. This year, the festival features an incredible lineup of free workshops taught by talented artists who specialize in various art forms and styles. From urban boxcapades to wearable art, wire portraits to hip-hop movement, the Imagination Festival offers something for every young artist looking to expand their skills and ignite their passion for art.

At the heart of the festival are the hands-on workshops, designed to foster artistic growth, curiosity, and self-expression. Each workshop is inspired by renowned artists and art movements, giving children the chance to not only learn new techniques but also to connect with the rich history and diversity of the art world. Whether your child is an aspiring painter, sculptor, or mixed media artist, the Imagination Festival offers an engaging, supportive environment for them to flourish.

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Imagination Festival workshops – April 29 – 30

Kristen Berry – Urban Boxcapades: Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan
Jessica Chanel – Soak Stain Color Field Painting: Helen Frankenthaler
Mallorie Corbin – Wire Portraits: Oubre Hayward
April Crumbie – Mixed Media Self Portraits: Erin Leann Mitchelle
Julie Fry – Abstracting a Landscape: Richard Diebenkorn
Taylor Hollingsworth – Junkyard Beings: Joe Minter’s African Village in America
Eshé Iam – I am a Muse of the Garden: Wearable Art
Kevin Lovell – Spectrums & Spriraloids: Hundertwasser
Alexis McCrary – Break and Make: Howardena Pindell
Karima Moor- Nature as Simile for Self-Love: Furious Flowers
Elana Morchower – Wordmobile Poet-Tree House: Fluxus & Concrete Poetry
Belle Posser – Arcs and Bands in Colors Shakers: Sol LeWitt
Natasha Rose – Metal Embossing: Pointillism
Savannah Smith – Clay Creature Pinch Pots: Frank Fleming
Lauren Strain – Plastic Bit Mandalas: Paula Brett
Shaheed Taweed – Knowledge, Rhythm & Understanding: HipHop Movement
Hunter Vroonland – What a Face! Dada Masks: Tristan Tzar & Marcel Janco
Daniel Williams – Kakejiku: Japanese Hanging Scrolls
Willie Williams – The Balancing Act: Alexander Calder

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Unleash your child’s creativity for free at the Magic City Art Connection, April 28 – 30 at Sloss Furnaces. Tickets, valid for any day of the event, are priced at $12 for adults. Children 16 and under can enjoy free entry when accompanied by a paying adult. Don’t miss this vibrant celebration of creativity, art, and imagination for the whole family!

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