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Lockitz App Toddler-Proofs Your Phone

We’ve all been there—hand your phone to your toddler to get a few minutes of blessed silence and the next thing you know, they’ve emailed your boss, sent an emoji-filled text to your new friend, and posted a blurry selfie on Instagram.

And even if you use a passcode to keep them out, all it takes is a few incorrect tries for your kid to lock you out of your own phone. That’s what happened to Melanie Lefkowitz. She actually had to call her company’s IT department twice in one day after her son locked her out of her phone. And thus came her brilliant idea: Lockitz!

This cool lock screen app is a great way to keep kids busy (and learning!) without just handing over an unlocked phone. With a few taps, they can access fun, educational scenescomplete with sound effectsfeaturing farm, sea, and space themes.

But since it’s technically a lock screen, your kids will still have zero access to your documents, social media accounts, emails, photos, texts, and everything else you hold dear.

“Every parent I know has had that moment where they had to race after their kid and grab a cell phone out of their hands,” Lefkowitz said in a press release. “Lockitz! gives them the peace of mind that their kids are enjoying themselves and learning something, and their data and phone access is protected.”

Babypalooza took Lockitz! for a test drive and found it was quick to download and easy to navigate. You simply set up a passcode, choose the icon to set as your screensaver, and select the lock icon and enter the passcode to exit. The app features fun sound effects and non-annoying background music. Two thumbs up!

You can get Lockitz! On the Apple Store and the Play Store for $3.99.

Cecilia Pearson
Cecilia Pearson


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