Life With Allana

If changing to a healthy lifestyle seems overwhelming to you, let me introduce you to my friend, Allana Pinkerton. She has been following the Plant Paradox Lifestyle since 2017 and is not only feeling more energized and pain-free, but she lost 65 lbs. while traveling for work almost seventy-five percent of the time.

She has developed strategies, tips, and tricks and now she helps other busy people do the same. Her Live Life Better Membership Club is a great way to reach your health goals as she helps you navigate your way. Whether you want to lose the baby weight, gain more energy, sleep better, or eliminate pain, the Plant Paradox Lifestyle may be your solution. It does not matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, or a meat lover. Allana’s membership is inclusive for everyone.

Allana is a Certified NASM Nutrition Coach. The membership is all digital-based, but Allana is always available for a call or email and conducts a live chat every week.