Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Table: Ideas to Keep Things Fun!

Every kid dreams of what it will be like to one day sit at the grown-up table on Thanksgiving. This year, make the kid’s table feel even more special by adding a few fun activities they’ll enjoy. While they’re creating masterpieces, you’ll be able to focus all of your efforts on perfecting that turkey.

Ways to Make the Kids’ Thanksgiving Table Fun

Thanksgiving Cards

Who doesn’t enjoy a festive, holiday craft? Let the children make a fun turkey from their handprint to send home with their families. These cards are simple to make and only require a little help. Take home more than just memories (and leftovers of course!).

Kids’ Thanksgiving Coloring Tablecloth

Make the kid’s table feel extra fancy and festive with a fun tablecloth the little ones can color on. Play spot the difference, connect the dots, color a family of turkeys, and decorate the table with Thanksgiving-themed stickers. They’ll be excited to create their own unique table and show off their masterpieces.

Momhack: A tablecloth makes for easy cleanup after the meal. Just cut out the pieces you want to save for the fridge or scrapbook and throw away the rest. 

Thanksgiving Printables

Turkey Coloring Printable (2)
Thanksgiving Maze Printable 2 (2)

If you want to keep things simple, we have some turkey-themed printables Babypalooza members can download here. Have a family turkey coloring contest or lead your turkey through the maze.

Give Thanks

Play the Giving Thanks Game

Continue the family tradition of going around the table and revealing what you’re thankful for. This year, let the whole family write their answers on the feathers of this turkey and show it off in the center of the table. Turn it into a game by having everyone lay their cards in the center of the table anonymously and guess who said what.

Play Games With the Whole Family

Turkey Feather Hunt

Send your kids on a scavenger hunt to find the turkey’s feathers around the room or house. This game is simple to set up and will keep kids entertained for hours, or until they collect all the feathers! Simply cut out a turkey from construction paper and tape it to a glass jar. Then hide the feathers around a designated area and let the kids begin their quests.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Play a family-friendly game of Thanksgiving Bingo everyone from tots to grandma and grandpa will enjoy. If the family isn’t hungry before they play this game, they’re sure to be starving afterward! The cards feature specialty Thanksgiving dishes and the first person to cover an entire row wins.

Family Bean Bag Toss Competition

Not feeling up to the annual family flag football game? Head outdoors and challenge the family to a bean bag toss tournament. This hands-on game will make kids of all ages feel included and more engaged. Adults will enjoy it too!

Want more ideas on how to make the kid’s table fun on Thanksgiving? Check out our Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas Pinterest board

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