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Kendra Burrell talks about the joys of being a mother

Black mothers were already battling a health crisis of their own long before coronavirus. The United States has the worst maternal death rates in the developed world, the numbers are worse for African American women, who are three to four times more likely than white women to die from pregnancy-related complications.

If that’s not enough, Black mothers must worry about the racial injustice their children could face. They have to worry if their children will leave home one day and not return because someone saw their brown skin as a threat.

Nevertheless, Black mothers treasure the gift of motherhood. Black mothers know that joy is resistance. We reached out to black moms to share their hopes and dreams for their children.

Kendra Burrell

Mother of 10-year-old Sophia, 7-year-old Joseph, 5-year-old Sarah
Kendra is expecting her fourth child in October

Kendra Burrell with her children

As a mother of color raising children, today’s world is extremely overwhelming at times. If I focus on all of the terrible things that are currently affecting Blacks, not just in America but globally, I would not be able to function. For me, raising my children is about finding balance and creating a space for love to be given openly and providing them with the necessary tools to help them develop their natural strengths and gifts.

Racism in America isn’t new. Regardless of a person’s color, I truly believe that there is always something beautiful about that person. And while I have experienced my fair share of racism, I will not let it change how I openly give and receive love.

My children are aware of the outside world; however, they are taught not to grow in hate for the people who are hateful but to grow in a way that propels them to rise above what people say and do to chart their paths in life.

My greatest joy is fully living up to the mother that my children deserve. Amazingly, I have been given the opportunity to raise future leaders and stewards of the world. I fully intend to show my children what it means to live authentically human. I share my hopes, my joys, and my fears with them openly. It is important to show them my humanity.

Parenthood is my greatest joy.

Being pregnant during a global health crisis is undoubtedly terrifying. I am taking everything in one day at a time. As a holistic wellness professional and a master herbalist, I am aware that what I feed my mind is just as important as what I feed my body. Through it all, I am reminded of the gift of life that is growing within me. My unborn son is teaching me to calm my fears and walk in the power of knowing that things truly are working out for my good and the good of everyone involved.

Cecilia Pearson
Cecilia Pearson


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