An iPhone Baby Bottle Case

iPhone Baby Bottle Case
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These days you can buy pretty much anything online. Case in point? This intriguing iPhone cover designed to look like a baby bottle.

Sure, it’s cute. The lid is pink, and the nipple looks realistic, and there are measurement marks down the back that look just like the ones on real baby bottles.

However, we have one question here at Babypalooza: Who is the most likely to buy this milk-inspired phone case?

A busy parent who’s so grateful to baby bottles that they want to celebrate them? A mom who thinks to disguise her iPhone as a baby bottle might make the phone less desireable to her iPhone-obsessed baby? A grown-up who just can’t adult today?

Overall, the phone case garners positive reviews, with users calling it “very adorable,” “awesome,” and even “beautiful.”

Sure, unlike a real bottle, this phone case can’t provide actual nourishment to your baby. However, it does have one major upside: It’s only $2.20, with free shipping to boot. We’re warming up to the idea!

Would you buy this phone case?

Sharing is Caring!

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