Huntsville International Airport Nursing Mothers Station

Huntsville International Airport Unveils a Nursing Mothers Station

Let’s face it: Nursing isn’t always easy for moms on the go. It wasn’t too long ago that airplane travel, for example, inevitably led to a series of uncomfortable events: changing a baby on your lap, attempting to nurse an easily distracted baby in a bustling terminal, or even reluctantly breastfeeding in a restroom stall—an unfortunate solution for moms who prefer privacy.

So there’s something pretty special about businesses who understand that and go the extra mile to make life a little easier for breastfeeding babies and their moms.

Huntsville International Airport just made traveling much more enjoyable for caregivers accompanied by nursing infants, babies, and toddlers. Families had requested a safe, clean, private space where they could meet their little ones’ needs, and the airport actually listened and responded by adding a nursing area on the concourse, between gates 2A/B and gate 4.

Created by Mamava, the new nursing pod is big enough for the whole crew: two adults, a baby, and even a stroller. The pod is equipped with comfy benches, a fold-down table, and a locking door for privacy. It even features an electrical outlet for moms who want to plug in a breast pump.

In a recent press release, the CEO said the company was pleased to offer the amenity to families. “Huntsville International Airport is pleased to partner with Mamava on our brand new nursing station,” said Rick Tucker, Huntsville International Airport CEO. “We always have an ear to the ground in order to listen to our passengers and understand how to better serve our wonderfully diverse region.”

Thank you, Huntsville Airport! You’ve made a whole lot of traveling families very happy.

If you’re on the go and looking for a quiet nursing space, Mamava has you covered. Download the app, and you can search for thousands of breastfeeding-friendly spaces across the country and even around the world.

Anne Cook
Babypalooza Staff

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