Editorial Guidelines

Babypalooza offers content for expectant and new moms (and dads) with children up to age 5. Our primary persona is a first-time pregnant mom between the ages of 24-36.

Our goal is to have content that encourages community and engagement allowing moms to learn from each other as well as from experts. Like the magazine, the online community will have hyper-local components connecting moms to local resources through weekly round-ups.

Editorial should inform, educate and empower new and expectant parents to better manage the physical, emotional, and practical dynamics of their new life with baby. It should also connect them with local resources that may have previously been off their radar. Stories may range from the very practical (newborn health and care) to the more introspective (coming to terms with your new identity as a parent).

While the tone of the magazine is positive, we also want to be “real” and address the less talked about issues: postpartum depression, miscarriage, infertility, etc. We try to help parents understand these events and to share their stories and resources with each other to help them cope.


Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Infant Care educational articles are our first core. The problem we are solving is helping moms to not be so overwhelmed when preparing for baby by providing information that is accurate and timely.

Product features are our second core because it’s what moms want to know about most. They love to shop and they want to know what to buy and not to buy.

Pregnancy and birth stories are our engagement feature and should be personable and informative. We want the readers to feel as if they are having an in-depth conversation with other parents with similar experiences. When interviewing and writing these stories ask what is it about the story you are telling that will be moving, compelling, entertaining, or educational for other readers of the magazine? The story must be engaging and told well. Several features complete each magazine. Each issue must have a balance between difficult/medical subjects and lighter articles.

We focus on 4 core content pillars

Print Features: 800 to 1,000 words

Blog Posts: 800 words or more best

Departments: 300-400 words

1. Baby Buzz (our most popular blog department covering trending news related to pregnancy or parenting
2. Celebrations (baby showers, first birthdays, gender reveals, etc.)
3. Baby Registry Guides (Product reviews).
4. Travel with Baby
5. Daddypalooza

6. Room for Baby (Transform a room into a nursery. Before and after pictures, as well as a listing of local retailers and products used).
7. Expert Q&A (Information from local pediatric experts about timely/important issues)


We are looking for articles that are engaging and sometimes entertaining. Make it a good read and a little humor. Stay away from essay format and didactic prose. Use quotations. Unless you have been assigned to write a personal reflection article, restrict any first-person narratives to the occasional use of your own experience as an example or for a lead. The writing style should be lively and accessible. A light-hearted approach, where appropriate, is welcomed.

Other blogs we love include Motherly and Huff Post Parents.

Sidebars, supplementary information, practical tips, and resource boxes are encouraged. A list of resources for parents should include access information and websites: if you are recommending books give the title, author, publisher, and date of publication. Please check to make sure books are currently in print. For organizations give a contact name and address, telephone number and email address if there is one. Please indicate if they are willing to take calls from the public. If not we won’t print the phone number. Make the information useful and specifically connect to local resources.

We use Webster’s American Dictionary. Numbers one to ten are written, and numerals used for 11 and up. We use The Chicago Style Manual for reference. Please run your article through Grammarly before submission.

Although our focus is moms the audience is not exclusively female. We would like the articles to be read by mothers and fathers.


Please ensure that you research the subject thoroughly and, where applicable, give attribution. All information must be current and accurate. When quoting accuracy is essential. If the quotation is from an interview, double-check with the source before submitting your MS.

We do not employ a fact-checker, so make sure names, addresses, etc. are correct.


We work in Microsoft Word. We use a single-spaced format, with one line between paragraphs, and paragraphs are indented. Please include a word count with the title. Include a list of your sources, with e-mail, telephone, and address. Please be diligent and double-check names and titles of sources.

If blogging please post directly into Wordpress.

Lifestages Media Inc. / Babypalooza purchases first-time and digital archive rights for articles and photographs, pay is net 10 upon acceptance. Fees are .25 per word with the average blog post around 800 words.

Writers must send an invoice with their manuscript. We do not pay kill fees for editorially unacceptable material, nor do we pay extra fees for rewrites. Writers and photographers new to Babypalooza may be asked to write their first article “on spec,” especially if they have limited experience writing for consumer magazines.

• We do not accept raw images
• Digital. 300 dpi minimum is required.
• For features, 8 x 11 for full-page consideration.
• Photoshop .tif or .jpeg.