Easter Basket Fillers for Kids

Fun Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers and Newborns

Are you looking for Easter basket stuffer ideas for toddlers or maybe even a newborn? Finding Easter basket stuffers for big kids is a little easier than for infants and toddlers. To help we’ve compiled this list of our favorites Easter toys and more.

Easter Basket Filler Ideas by Age

Easter Baskets

First things first! The most important component of the Easter basket filling and decorating is the actual basket. There are so many different options to choose from such as bamboo, canvas, plastic, etc

Personalized Easter Basket

Start a tradition with a personalized Easter basket that can be used year after year. Choose from different animals such as Butterfly, Blue Bunny, Pink Bunny, Unicorn, Dog, Owl, Dragon or a Shark. If your little has a long name you may want to choose a different option because this basket only fits up to 9 characters.

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3 Pack Easter Baskets

This is a great option for Moms of Multiples. A three basket pack designed with a variety of colors, including classic stripe rabbit bunny pattern, and fluffy tail. They feature a soft and durable handle and are made of canvas and polyester material for easy folding and storage. The blank side allows for creativity to write your child’s name, paint patterns, or customize as you’d like.

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Easter Basket Stuffers for Newborn to Six Months

My First Easter Basket Playset

Each playset includes a stuffed bunny toy, three Easter egg toys, a carrot toy, a chick toy, and a soft plush basket embroidered with “My First Easter”. All toys make different sounds. If you pinch the carrot, it will crinkle. If you pinch the bunny & chick, it will squeak. If you shake the egg it will make a rattling sound.

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Hippity, Hoppity, Little Bunny – Finger Puppet Board Book

Tell your baby a story while using the finger puppet as a way to encourage interactive play and help develop fine motor skills. The soft plush of the puppets and the rhyming story combine to provide both tactile and verbal learning opportunities. During the early years, infants and toddlers tend to learn quickly through playing and learning routines.

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Infantino Lil’ Nibble Carrot Teether

Infantino Lil’ Nibble Teethers are designed to help your little one develop and grow. The ridges on the teether allow babies to use their mouth and tongue muscles in fun ways, with two easy-to-grip handles. The end of the carrot has a textured finish, meaning this sensory teether is suitable for developing your child’s understanding of flavors, temperatures, and textures. The handles are sized for small infant hands.

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Luvable Friends Hooded Towel with Wash Cloths

The Luvable Friends Hooded Towels has 16 different friends for you to choose from and they all come with 5 washcloths, too! The towels are made from Cotton and Polyester, so they’re soft and gentle on baby’s skin after bath time.

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Peter Rabbit Soft Teething Book

Introduce your baby to the infamous Peter Rabbit. This interactive infant book delights babies with textures, sounds, & bright colors to keep them entertained. From the crinkly sound pages to the squeaker, touch and feel spots, and textured teether – this teething book will keep your little one busy while flooding you with so many memories of your childhood.

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Taggies Bunny Teether Rattle

This cute bunny doubles as a rattle on the inside and a silicone teether on the outside making this both stimulating and soothing. It features interactive and soothing satin loop tags for baby’s sensory development.

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Easter Basket Stuffers for 12 to 18 Months

Crayola First Crayons

The ergonomic design of these egg-shaped crayons makes them easy for toddlers to comfortably hold and scribble with. These crayons allow for limitless creativity considering 1 Crayola Toddler Crayon is equivalent to 14 Regular Crayons. My First Crayola art supplies are designed to make creativity accessible at an early age, with tools designed for stages so that kids can progress at their own natural pace.

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Wooden Farm Harvest Game Montessori Toy

This basket stuffer features 7 different sizes of wooden vegetables and fruits to match the different holes. Not only will it help your toddler to build their intelligence through this size exercising while pulling out and putting them back into the matching holes – it’ll also contribute to their brain-building, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination development. Whether you want to introduce a number of different vegetables or stick with the bunny theme and have all carrots – the choice is up to you.

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Easter Chunky Lift-A-Flap Board Book

This indestructible book is made of sturdy, thick board pages and durable flaps designed to withstand traditional wear and tear for curious little infants and toddlers alike. The illustrations and rhyming text in these lift-a-flap books help keep them both entertained and engaged. While the interactive elements encourage sensory exploration and help support the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in developing children.

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Easter Basket Stuffers Great for 18 to 24 Months

Toomies Squeak Toy, Hide & Squeak Eggs

The Toomie’s hide and Squeak Egg set features six colorful squeaking eggs for kids to play with. Each of the shells cracks open to reveal the different colors that are featured, and they even chirp when pressed down! The adorable faces on the eggs help kids improve their recognization of colors and shapes by sorting them in their own special base in the egg box. Through fine motor development, shape sorting, color matching, and sounds. This is a great addition to your toy box even if it doesn’t make it into this year’s basket.

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Fleece Hooded Toddler Towel

As mentioned earlier, necessities are always a great go-to option for basket stuffers. While you can start using this hooded towel as early as you want, it’s large enough in size to grow with your baby. It’s long enough to cover your toddler completely, features a snap closure, and is made from a breathable and absorbent microfiber fleece.

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Easter Basket Stuffers for Children 2 and older

Play Doh Eggs

The Play Doh Eggs come in 12 different colors, and there are 2 of each. This 24 count egg collection features colorful plastic eggs each filled with 2 ounces of squishy, non-toxic Play-DOH modeling compound. Upon using the Play-Doh you can either put the dough back into the eggs or repurpose your eggs for another project in the future.

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Egg Chalk

The fun can start in your driveway with Egg Chalk. This non-toxic half dozen set of chalk features 6 different colors in 4 variations for you to choose from.

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Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids Age 3 and above

Surprise Hatching Egg

These water-to-grow surprise eggs are a fun addition to add to the basket of a curious toddler. These creative eggs are available in unicorn or dinosaur, and no egg is the same as another. Simply add water to hatch your own unicorn or dinosaur friend. The eggshell will break slowly after 12-24 hours; continues to expand for up to 48 hours. If you leave your egg in the water after shell has cracked, you’ll be able to watch the unicorn or dinosaur grow even more. For best results, it’s recommended to completely submerge the egg underwater in a container for at least 2-3 days.

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EggMazing Egg Decorator Kit

The EggMazing Egg Spinner makes decorating eggs so much simpler and mess-free. It eliminates the need to dye your eggs or use any additional possible harmful chemicals. With just a touch of your marker, paint, or whatever you choose to decorate with, you can create a unique egg design in a few seconds Each kit features 1 EggMazing Spinner and 8 colorful non-toxic markers; to work it requires 4 AA batteries, but they aren’t included.

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Easter Waffle Maker

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and what better way to get the day started than with festive waffles? Whether you prefer the Easter Bunny or if you want to add some color and decorate your Easter Egg – this waffle maker will have your waffle ready in just a few minutes. The Easter Egg Waffle Maker comes with purple, blue, green, and red food markers to add your own twist to your waffle.

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Easter Egg and Easter Bunny’s Carrot House Building Bricks

If your little one loves Lego’s this gift should make its way into their basket. The Easter Egg and Easter Bunny’s Carrot House Building Brick Kit exercises child’s hands-on skills, improves hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. The kit includes two LED brick lights, you can place them in the bunny’s carrot house to add a festive atmosphere. You can turn the rocker to make the chick bob up and down. It’s compatible with all classic building bricks, so your little one’s creativity doesn’t have to stop there.

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Easter Chick Interlocking Mini Puzzle

The Easter Chick Interlocking Mini Puzzles come in a tube for easy transport and storage and includes 70+ pieces and Instructions to build an Easter Chick. The interlocking mini-puzzle encourages free explorative play as they encourage fine motor skills, logic, creativity and imagination all without the use of screens. Part engineering, part art, a bit of math – you can choose whether you want to create a flat mosaic or create 3D design. There are endless possibilities.

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Which pick is your favorite?

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