Free Online Resource Helps Parents Spot Signs of Autism

According to the most recent statistics, around 1 in 59 children today have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is associated with a wide range of challenges. These include difficulty with social skills, speech and nonverbal communication challenges, and repetitive behaviors.

As with many health challenges, early identification and intervention are key to dealing with autism spectrum disorder. That’s why the launch of Baby Navigator is so important.

Baby Navigator Autism Resource

Baby Navigator is an online resource that offers valuable information in the form of video clips, photo illustrations, and more to help parents watch for signs of ASD in their baby or toddler. These tools can help you understand exactly what to do in various situations: if something seems a bit off, if you suspect your child has ASD, or even if your child has already been diagnosed with ASD.

Autism lookbookIn one helpful “lookbook,” for example, the site illustrates 16 early signs of autism by 16 months. You can click through and view pictures of subtle signs to watch for. For example, if it’s difficult to get your baby to look at you, if baby rarely responds to his or her name, or if baby uses few gestures (such as pointing). Though it’s not a cause for concern if babies exhibit one or two of these signs, the site suggests parents have their baby screened if they notice four or more signs.

You can also learn all about milestones, watch a short film about how babies learn to talk, and even screen your child online.

According to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, early intervention can actually improve a child’s development overall. By receiving autism-appropriate education and support at crucial stages, children are likelier to react better in society and gain important social skills.

For families everywhere, Baby Navigator is an excellent tool. Learn more at


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