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Welcome to Wynning Wombmanhood, where I specialize in curating sacred spaces for birth experiences by partnering with parents to create a comprehensive birth guide.

A well-thought-out birth plan is a foundation for a beautiful experience, let me help you create and live out yours. I offer several services to help birthing parents feel empowered with the information needed for a well-informed birth journey.

Birth & Postpartum Planning

Need guidance on how to best navigate your birth and postpartum experience? Submit a request for a one-on-one planning session.

Childbirth Education

Birthwork is WORK. Get evidence-based information on what to expect during each stage of pregnancy, active labor, and postpartum. Learn more about private classes.

Doula Services

Looking for more curated experience? Having a doula can help guide you through your entire birth journey and be an as-needed advocate during active labor.