Vital Smiles

Vital Smiles was established by a group of dentists who shared the objective of providing quality dental care that is accessible and affordable to as many children as possible in all the communities they serve. The dental clinics are designed with a family-friendly atmosphere that caters to children, with age-appropriate videos playing in the reception area. The dentists who work at Vital Smiles are well-trained and experienced in providing excellent general dentistry services to children. They strive to ensure that dental visits are a positive experience for both children and parents. Vital Smiles offers dental care services to children as young as one year old.

Vital Smiles accepts a wide range of payment options, including Medicaid, ALL Kids, credit cards, cash, and most insurance plans such as Blue Cross, Delta Dental, Southland, CIGNA, and Aetna. In addition, they offer various payment plans that cater to the needs of different families. The primary goal of Vital Smiles is to ensure that every child, in every community they serve, has access to the highest quality dental healthcare services.

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