Velocity Clinical Research

    Velocity Clinical Research
    Velocity Clinical Research

    This is where medicine begins. All because of people like you.

    Velocity Clinical Research is partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to research potentially life-changing medications, vaccines, medical devices, and more.

    Many adults participate in clinical trials each year, but not all medications approved for adults can be ‘dosed down’ to safely work for children. Throughout childhood and adolescence, the developing body may react to medications much differently than in adulthood. That’s why clinical trials are critical to the advancement of children’s medicine.

    You can help advance medicine by joining a clinical trial at Velocity, and you may also:
    • Learn about potential new medicines in development
    • Get study-related medical exams at no cost
    • Receive compensation for participating (available amounts may differ for each study)

    Learn more about our current studies for people of all ages at

    Call us at (602) 368-1928

    Come see us at 555 North 18th Street, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85006!

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