tiniest Biome

tiniest Biome
tiniest Biome

That poopy diaper isn’t trash! Its squishy, smelly contents contain a snapshot of your baby’s current gut health. TerraCycle Discovery®, a division of TerraCycle®, is introducing tiniest Biome™, a new service that evaluates the health-promoting gut microbes found in your baby’s poopy diaper.

Parents are provided with simple-to-do recommendations on nutrition, physical activities and skin health that can help influence beneficial microbiome development to set up your baby’s wellness.


Research has shown that the microbes developing in a baby’s tummy help drive healthy brain development, immune system development, and weight regulation for the rest of their life. There is a unique window of opportunity where parents have the power to make a lasting, positive impact on their child’s future health and well-being by influencing their baby’s microbiome while it is a relatively blank canvas, before it starts to set at age 3.

With tiniest Biome™, parents can simply drop a poopy diaper into a diaper collection kit to start the process of discovery.