Shine Your Light
Shine Your Light

Kids Flash Cards: Our decks of 25 affirmations are an excellent motivational tool and seek to teach the younger generation the importance of character above appearances. Create a new daily habit around a commitment to help encourage and motivate them. These designed motivational cards are made from premium 500 cardstock & are great gifts for your kids. They are a fun activity during meditation for kids.

Encouraging Words: Each of the 25 affirmation cards for kids has a unique, affirming phrase like “I Am Powerful” or “My Voice Matters” to help boost kids’ self-esteem. Our flash cards set have unique designs and colors & packaged in a magnetic closure keepsake box. Our affirmation cards are full of kindness, and positive sentences, which will brighten someone’s day. Our mindfulness cards for kids help your child focus on positivity and self-worth.

High-Quality: These positive affirmations cards for kids are made with 500 gsm cardstock which is thick, sturdy paper and won’t bend easily. Our positive mindset learning cards will not fade, allowing extended time use. These kids’ affirmations cards are a great addition to any learning curriculum.

Encouragement & Motivation: Our positive thinking cards are specifically designed to get your child reading, hearing, and verbalizing positive daily affirmations. Practicing these inspirational cards for kids turns daily actions and behaviors into habits!

Perfect Gift: Surprise your child with our daily affirmation cards for kids for their birthday or Christmas for a gift they will enjoy AND help them learn! These flashcards are exceptional educational gifts for infants, toddlers, and tweens. Perfect for your grade school teachers or as speech therapy cards.

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