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OneWoman Life Coaching
OneWoman Life Coaching

Do you want to have a positive pregnancy and birth experience? I can help!

I work with women before, during, and after pregnancy. Through coaching, they learn to advocate for what they want—with doctors, friends, and family members—to establish a foundation for better bonding and confident parenting.

I am available to you all the way through birth and beyond. As a life coach, I use specialized conversational methods that reveal and allow you to harness your own inner wisdom. I provide a positive sounding board to keep you grounded without judgment or interference. I believe that motherhood is natural and different for every woman; I believe that you truly know what is best for you and your baby.

When adding a child to your already busy life, you spend so much time going to and from doctor’s appointments; and yet the time you spend with your care providers is ridiculously short. By working with me, you get one-on-one attention; you will be able to vent, ask questions, and be vulnerable. Having a baby really does change everything and sometimes the thoughts and emotions that arise are overwhelming and scary. I give you the space to think only of your wellbeing and your needs.

I am a mom of both a 6-year-old girl and a 3-year-old son. I had difficult pregnancies with both, but their births could not have been more different. From an emergency c-section to the most incredible Hypno-birth, I witnessed the effects of informed decision-making firsthand. Like so many women before me, my birth plan when out the window when my first child was born; the experience was a whirlwind that left me feeling lost and broken. For months afterward I was unable to say that I “gave birth,” and instead repeated that she “had been born.” I was ashamed of my c-section, hurt that I gave in to pain intervention, and (due to an after-birth fiasco) completely unable to remember the day of her birth.

When I became pregnant with my son, I was determined to have a positive experience. I found an incredible group of midwives. They showed me that I could trust my intuition, that I deserved to feel as good as possible during pregnancy, and that the VBAC I wanted was entirely possible. Not only did I achieve the birth I longed for, but I did it holding the reins the whole way through. I felt powerful and confident—and that has made all the difference in my life.

After my second birth, I took that empowerment and finally got a diagnosis that had eluded me for decades, and I finally got treatment. I restarted my education, quit my job, and started my business. I stopped overdrinking and overeating. I learned that my needs and desires are valid and finally found satisfaction in my intimate life.  I respected my intuition; and my intuition led me to miracles around every corner.

Pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent are the true coming-of-age events. Through coaching, you will get to experience the full range of empowerment that is both the bane and the gift of these life experiences. By learning to fully love and care for yourself, you can parent with more compassion and be more emotionally available to your child. (Think emergency oxygen mask instructions on an airplane.) By putting your own needs first, you will blow your own mind with the changes and shifts you can and will make in your life.

I use Life Coach School and Institute for Life Coach Training methods and follow all International Coaching Federation standards and code of ethics.

The program consists of:
One-on-one coaching throughout pregnancy and during the post-partum period via Zoom or Google Meet. (Your program can start at any time!) I am also accessible 7 days a week via email or text message. Together, we will navigate the pains, fears, excitement, and all your nesting needs.

And, coming soon: Wouldn’t it be amazing to make some mom-friends/pregnancy-pals? At OneWoman we believe that pregnancy and birth bring women together: the sisterhood of motherhood!  As women enroll, we will be splitting ladies into groups based on the due date. We will have moderated virtual get-togethers and live group coaching calls. Sometimes what you need most is to know you aren’t alone!

If you want to learn more, check us out at Call me at 859-967-7417 to set up a free Discovery Session. During your session, we go over scheduling, pricing and program details.