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NewLIFE Fertility

Facilities and Communities

Since 1994, NewLIFE has maintained its main office in the demographic center of Pensacola/Gulf Breeze, Florida. Initial consultations are offered at all of their office locations. They provide a complete range of infertility tests, including endocrinology and andrology, and offer advanced reproductive services in one comfortable location within a convenient and soothing office setting. While NewLIFE is the only specialty-trained and board-certified option in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, the increasing need to improve patient access to fertility care prompted them to expand to fully staffed office facilities.

  • Pensacola, Florida
  • Panama City, Florida
  • Destin, Florida
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Dothan, Alabama
  • Biloxi, Mississippi

Surrounding coastal communities now enjoy greatly eased access to NewLIFE’s specialized services.

Tricare Members and Military Personnel

There are many military facilities in this geographic region and NewLIFE recognizes the special challenges and disruptions that military patients face from schedules, deployments and transfers. Fortunately, NewLIFE is a contracted Tricare provider and caters to our country’s defenders, providing fertility services for Keesler AFB, Hurlburt AFB, Eglin AFB, Tyndall AFB, Panama City Naval Warfare Center, Naval Air Station-Pensacola, Corry Station, Whiting Field NAS, US Coast Guard-Destin, US Coast Guard-Mobile and Ft Rucker Army Base in Dothan, Alabama.

For couples who have Tricare Prime, it is recommended that they request an authorization for referral before their appointment. The staff at the facility can offer assistance with this process. Alternatively, if Tricare Prime members are experiencing difficulty obtaining authorization or want to save time, they can change their enrollment to Tricare Standard and receive immediate treatment without a referral authorization. It is important to note that both Tricare Prime and Tricare Standard provide coverage for the same fertility testing and treatment services.

Professional Services

Convenience is important to everyone these days. NewLIFE has developed an “online” submission for new patients, saving time and paper. Couples are then able to meet with the staff to begin their evaluation more quickly and accurately with minimal disruption to their careers and daily activities. At NewLIFE patients will receive in-depth and unhurried consultations where both partners are encouraged to attend consultations. This kind of attention is essential to raise patients’ comfort and confidence to ultimately deliver their desired results.