Maternal Instincts By Jill
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Based in Northport, Maternal Instincts was created by Jill Duke, mother of 2 who is dedicated to providing breastfeeding education and guidance to women before they give birth to their babies.

As a Certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator, Jill is dedicated to helping women achieve pain-free breastfeeding outcomes through this gentle, evidence-based method.
Jill’s services include online group sessions to help pregnant women prepare for breastfeeding, reducing the risk of common breastfeeding complications.

A major source of concern for pregnant women, particularly those who are planning to give birth in the hospital system, is the rapid processing placing them under pressure to make quick decisions unnecessarily.

Many women report feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable, at such a precious time in their life.
Becoming a certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator has provided Jill with the unique skills to guide women during pregnancy, so that they have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions, even in unexpected situations.

To learn more about Maternal Instincts and how Jill is helping women empower themselves visit our Facebook page.

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