Lé Epanoui Counseling and Therapy
Lé Epanoui Counseling and Therapy is a modern atelier designed with the latest psychological and holistic interventions to help women create a legacy of wellness for life. Our commitment to women’s care, mind, and spirit drive our dedication to stewarding a sustainable foundation for reproductive and maternal health and wellbeing. We specialize in helping women and their partners with issues related to infertility, miscarriage and infant loss, birth trauma, and pregnancy and postpartum concerns. We understand the complex emotional, psychological, and physical struggles that can affect women during their reproductive and postpartum experiences. We are devoted to helping them create lasting change, become their best selves, and find joie de vivre! Lé Epanoui takes pride in our carefully curated services offering and aims to provide women with a thoughtful and elevated therapeutic experience. Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation and a complete overview of our philosophy and methods. During the initial consultation, we try to get to know your lifestyle, habits, and personal preferences. You may select from a curated wellness experience a more structured program tailored to specific goals or design à la carte itinerary. Whatever your intention, Lé Epanoui will create an experience suited to your unique needs.
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