Found and Favor
Found and Favor

Found and Favor is a company that sells purposeful, supportive products to help you feel confident and connected within your community. They sell products like the Senary Support Sling, Duo Tail Sling and the Sling Wrap.

The Senary Support Sling is a patent-pending sling made with soft neoprene that supports your neck and spine for comfort and pain relief during pregnancy. It’s great for when you’re pregnant or recovering from a surgery. It has six layers of support with center opening for even weight distribution and support.

The Duo-Tail Sling is made from 100% cotton jersey fabric which makes it breathable so that you can wear it all day long without feeling hot or sweaty. It allows for a pass across baby’s bottom as the other tail creates a waist belt for added comfort to the wearer’s back. The fabric is also super soft so it will feel good against your skin!

The Sling Wrap is perfect for carrying your baby around while they’re still small enough to fit inside a carrier but big enough that they need more support than just being held in your arms! This carrier features large primary tail, similar to a traditional ring sling and smaller tail that allows the formation of a waist trap. These carriers are longer than traditional slings to make able to waist pass and extra pass across the baby.

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