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Elevate Family Chiropractic

A growing baby puts pressure on Mom’s expanding pelvis and hip joints. It’s common for back pain, sciatic pain, headaches, sleeplessness or a general sense of being uncomfortable. Prenatal chiropractic care at Elevate Family Chiropractic can help identify the misalignments and imbalances that cause discomfort in a pregnant mom’s spine. This provides the relief needed to get back to a JOYFUL pregnancy.

Prenatal Chiropractic

1. Increased pelvic function
2. Increased comfort throughout pregnancy
3. Decreased low back, pelvic and pubic pain
4. Lower risk of inductions and interventions
5. Less incidence of postpartum depression

Pregnancy is a profound rite of passage embraced from a space of openness and joy; it is not something that needs to be fixed. Yet enjoying 40+ weeks of a challenging pregnancy can be nearly impossible if mom is in pain or extreme discomfort. If the simple act of getting out of bed brings waves of fear for knowing only pain awaits, joy is replaced by anxiety or dread. The challenge distracts from the joy of creating life and growing one’s family.