Children's of Alabama Poison Information Center

Children's of Alabama Poison Information Center

The Alabama Poison Information Center (APIC) has stood as a steadfast commitment by Children’s of Alabama to the people of the state since 1958. During a period marked by significant morbidity and mortality resulting from poison ingestion among both children and adults, APIC emerged as the 14th established center of its kind in the United States. From its inception, the center’s primary focus was to provide accurate and swift poison-related information, initially exclusively to physicians, and later extending its services to encompass both professionals and the general public.

Beginning in 1978, APIC has offered round-the-clock access to life-saving information through a toll-free hotline. Accredited by the American Association of Poison Control Centers, APIC has invested considerable resources over the years in cultivating a highly skilled professional team, implementing quality assurance initiatives, conducting data surveillance and research, establishing an advanced informational infrastructure, and making information available through an 800-number helpline. Recognized as the sole accredited statewide center by the Alabama Department of Public Health, APIC caters to the entire state of Alabama.

Dealing with over 50,000 poison-related calls annually along with more than 60,000 follow-up calls, APIC plays an integral role in offering professional and quality service. A crucial aspect of this service involves a comprehensive statewide educational program that aims to raise public and professional awareness about the center’s resources. The program also aims to educate parents and caregivers about effective preventive measures while providing continuous education for healthcare professionals in the assessment, triage, and management of individuals affected by poisoning.