Abounding Grace Birth Services
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Jessica Easter, Certified Birth Doula and owner of Abounding Grace Birth Services, believes that birth is a spiritual experience. Her interest in reproduction, maternal health, and birth developed at a young age. Her passion in preventing women from having traumatic experiences stems from her own unnerving labor in 2011. She recognizes how imperative it is for women, especially those of color, to have proper maternal support before, during, and after birth.

Her mission is to mitigate maternal health disparities by educating, encouraging, and empowering women to make informed birth decisions while yielding the physical, mental, and emotional support that is necessary to preserve powerful and positive labor experiences. Jessica also offers placenta services, doula business coaching, and mentorship.

Jessica received professional birth doula training from DONA International. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from a university in southern Arkansas where she was born and raised. She now resides in middle Tennessee with her family.

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