Ascension St. Vincent’s Hospital

Ascension St. Vincent’s Hospital

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We offer many personalized services including a birthing center, breastfeeding support, high-risk pregnancy care, intensive care for newborns, maternal-fetal medicine, and postpartum care.

Due to COVID-19, we have launched an RN Birth Companions program. These Birth Companions are registered labor and delivery nurses who serve to support you during labor. They offer the physical, emotional, and informational support you would normally get from your doula.

St. Vincent’s also offers the Monogram Maternity program, which is completely free and provides you with one-on-one support during your pregnancy. You can sign up for our Birth Wishes, where we will go through your ideal labor and delivery plans, give you virtual tours, and more. We offer a variety of virtual prenatal classes and provide prenatal lactation consultations. Once you’ve had your baby, we’ll check in with you right after birth and again one week later to make sure everything is going well. Call 205-212-6667 for more information and to get set up.

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