CPRWrap is a must-have for your infant first-aid kit

If your child faced a cardiac or respiratory emergency would you know what to do? CPRWrap, a disposable CPR template can help you be prepared, even in a panic, and ready to save a life. 

Medical startup CPRWrap has launched an all-in-one kit to help anyone effectively perform CPR at a moment’s notice and be protected while doing so.

Founder and CEO Felicia Jackson invented CPRWrap after a terrifying near-death event involving her two-year-old son during which he was choking and needed CPR. Jackson was working in a hospital at the time and is CPR-certified yet she froze in the moment. Fortunately, her husband jumped into action and saved their son’s life. But afterward, Jackson thought that if she could forget her training during an emergency, how helpless could a mother with no CPR training feel in a moment like the one she had faced. Thus the idea for CPRWrap was born. 


CPRWrap includes simple instructions to tell you exactly where to place your hands and to
guide you through each of the four CPR steps recommended by the America Heart Association. The kit also includes a sanitary one-way mouthpiece to protect you from bodily fluids.

CRPWrap is available in three different sizes for infants (ages 12 months and under), children (ages 1 – 8), and adults (ages 8 and up). 

The product is $14.99 per kit. CPRWrap Kits are currently available for purchase online
at www.cprwrap.com, Walmart.com, and stopheartattack.com.

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