Cool Pick: Coffee Pods That Boost Milk Supply

Coffee Pods That Boost Milk Supply

Coffee is life. We can all agree on that, right? And for a busy, exhausted, overworked mom of a baby, coffee is more than life.

But what if your coffee actually did double-duty? We stumbled upon an extremely cool type of coffee pod designed to boost milk supply in nursing moms: Milkflow Lactation Supplement Coffee Pods with Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle by UpSpring.
milkflow lactation coffee podsTalk. About. Amazing!

This coffee contains two unique milk supply boosters: blessed thistle and fenugreek. In fact, every serving of coffee contains 450 mg of fenugreek.

The cup of coffee produced by this pod also contains 55 mg of caffeine: less than the average amount (95 mg) but enough to get your day going.

We haven’t personally tried this coffee, but the manufacturer touts its “delightfully smooth flavor”—plus, it’s gluten-free, it’s non-GMO, and it contains only natural ingredients.

These handy pods work with pretty much any of the single-serving coffee machines (like Keurig). You can snag 12 of them for $19.99 on Amazon. A little spendy, sure, but still cheaper than your daily coffee shop run.

Now, here’s our disclaimer for all milk-boosting foods and drinks, whether it’s a Starbucks Pink Drink or a BodyArmor Super Drink: There is no magical solution for low milk supply.


If you’re struggling to make milk, a certain food or drink won’t double your pumping output. The best steps you can take to support lactation are to take good care of your health, stay hydrated, and get as much rest as humanly possible.

If you’re worried, you can seek help by contacting a lactation consultant or talking to your physician.

However, if you enjoy the drink (and who doesn’t love coffee!?), then we say go for it! You will be the one who determines whether or not it actually pumps up your milk supply.

Have you tried these coffee pods? Let us know!

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Coffee Pods That Boost Milk Supply
Cool Pick: Coffee Pods That Boost Milk Supply
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