Christmas Crafts with Toddlers

christmas craft for toddlers

We’re not exactly sure where the time has gone (thanks #2020), but Christmas is days away! And with so many of us adjusting our holiday plans to socially distance and quarantine because of COVID-19, that means we’ll continue to be stuck inside with our kiddos. (Bum bum BUM!) While this time at home has been a blessing in many ways, parents are starting to run out of ways to keep their children occupied, entertained, and NOT crying during the seemingly endless flood of Zoom calls. And if you’re a toddler parent, you know JUST how difficult that can be.

This is what motivated us to launch #ToddlerTuesdays, a recurring Facebook Live event where we walk through a craft or activity to engage your little one and spread some joy. We’re kicking it off before the holidays with a Christmas craft for toddlers that makes the perfect decoration or gift. (Grandparents would LOVE these! And they’re budget- and COVID-friendly. It’s a win-win!)

Our inaugural event will kick off on Tuesday, December 22, at 10 a.m. CST.

Check out our Pinterest board to find lots of Christmas craft ideas!

So What Are We Making?

In honor of the holiday season, we are going to make a string of thumbprint Christmas lights! This is a simple craft that is manageable with a toddler and not too messy. (But we’re not making any promises!)

christmas crafts for toddlers thumbprint lights
Via the Crafty Morning blog

Supplies You Will Need for This Toddler-Friendly Christmas Craft

  • Construction paper (preferably lightly colored so the painted thumbprints show up well. White printer paper would also work!)
  • Washable paint (Paint caps are a good option and make this easier to execute without making a mess.)
  • Soft paintbrush (Omit if using paint caps.)
  • Sharpie, or another black marker (For your use only!)
  • Wipes and paper towels for cleanup (Necessary!)
  • Optional: Stickers, glitter, and/or markers for additional decorating

How To Make This Christmas Craft

  • Before introducing your toddler to the craft, use your black Sharpie to draw the string for the lights. You can draw swirls to make it look like the real thing. Then, draw little squares along the line and space them apart to be the bottom of the bulb and guide for where the thumbprints will go.
  • Have  your child dip their thumb in different color paints (paint caps are a good option and make this easier to execute without making a mess) and push them right above the black squares. You can do the colors in patterns or have the kids do it randomly!
  • You’re done! Allow it to dry out of reach of your toddler, then frame, stick to your fridge, mail to friends/family, or cut into the shape of an ornament and hang on your tree.

What Can I Do with the Finished Christmas Craft?

Hang this beauty on your fridge or around your home for some handcrafted Christmas decor. Or mail to it family or friends to spread some holiday cheer!

You can also cut it into the shape of an ornament, punch a hole in the top, and hang it on your Christmas tree with a hook or some string.

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christmas craft for toddlers
Christmas Crafts with Toddlers
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