Car Seats with Britax: Virtual Shopping Show

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For National Child Passenger Safety Week we were joined by Kate Clark, Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and PR Manager for Britax, to talk about car seats and car seat safety.

Watch the video above as Kate answers the following questions.

  • What is the “best” car seat for newborns?
  • When is my baby ready to move from their infant car seat to a convertible or all-in-one?
  • When is my child ready to turn forward-facing?
  • How do I know if I have a secure installation? 

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Car Seat Safety Resources

Kate shared a great list of car seat safety resources:

Britax tips and resources for new parents:

Britax Knowledge Center:

Helpful Proper Car Seat Use video:

Britax Virtual & In-Person Car Seat Checks:

NHTSA hopes to empower parents and caregivers with helpful resources to make life easier. You can access the many free, online resources available at

Car Seat Types: Determine whether your child fits best in a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, booster seat, of seat belt.

Ease-of-Use Evaluation: This tool lets you compare how easy it is to use certain car seat features so you can make informed decisions about the right car seat.

You can also search by brand

Locate a CPS technician or car seat check event in your area:  

Britax Car Seats Featured in the Video

B-Lively & B-Safe Gen2 Travel System

Marathon ClickTight Convertible

Grow With You ClickTight

One4Life ClickTight All-In-One


  1. The Britax One 4 Life ClickTight all-in-one car seat grows with your child from birth to 10 years !

  2. Tuned in live for this event. It was a thorough and informative session, especially because I am at the stage of choosing baby’s 1st carseat. I can really appreciate Britax’s click-tight installation system which makes the process so much smoother taking baby in and out of the car seat. The most informative part for me, THE FABRICS 😱.

    Through the presentation I learned about Safewash, the cool flow ventilating and the Cool flow Moisture-wicking fabric, the best fabric for my family would be the moisture Cool flow ventilating fabric. This fabric allows for proper airflow throughout the car seat, reducing BACK SWEATING and fussing of baby due to the car seat being too warm🥵. This is also best for us because we travel and live in mostly warmer states.

    Finally, the most important point to take away is that ALL CARSEATS are safe, it is poor installation that makes a car seat unsafe. As long as the car seat is installed as guided by the manufacturer the car seat is safe. READ YOUR MANUALS

  3. Love being able to watch the recordings of these info sessions! Really helpful as a soon to be first time mom to understand when to switch from an infant seat to a convertible, and to start facing forward around age 2.

  4. I watched this live! This is such a very informative video I think everybody should watch it even people that are not using a child car seat. They might one day and also they might be able to help somebody that is using one! There’s truly not education on how to properly use a car seat. I love how this video is here for people that didn’t get to tune in while it was live. 

    Thank you so much!!
  5. I watched and learned that there are many options for car seat options. I love the Britax One4Life ClickTight All in One CarSeat is good for infant – 10 years of life.(5- 120pounds) Then the installation that she should us looked like it was so easy.

     Also that you should always make sure the carseat fits your car while shopping. Loved she pointed out all car seats all safe that are on the market but NOT Safe if not used CORRECTLY! 
  6. @britaxus was the brand I chose when I became a mom 8 years ago. We also did with our second child. Love their product.

    I did so much research first time around. If I had just stick to three simple rules in the video( know the size best for my car at that time , keep in mind size of baby and easy Peezy installation) , probably would have made my life so much easier the first time around. Certainly will be using these tips next time around :)

  7. Great informative session. I learned turning the child around isn’t by age t height and weight.

  8. When I purchased my children carseats I didn’t consider if the car seat would be good for my children. I bought the car seat that was in my budget. I plan on buying a car seat that fits my baby ,easy to use ,and fits in the car for my baby that I am carrying. Thanks for doing this video.

  9. Watched the Amazon live , learned about the different fabrics , especially the safe wash fabric makes it easy to keep the seat clean for baby.