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Brenda Fischer shares her “easy” birth story

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Pregnancy and delivery are often full of surprises. And moms giving birth during a pandemic certainly know to expect the unexpected. But what surprised Brenda Fischer of Chattanooga, Tennessee, most about giving birth to her day Emma Rose in May of 2020 was that labor and delivery weren’t scary at all. 

“Easy birth stories are hard to come by when reading and preparing for a baby — especially during a pandemic,” Brenda says. She’s sharing her story to give expectant first-time moms some peace of mind. 


Love at First Sight

My husband Caleb and I met in 2008 during my first year and his last year in the social work program at Southern Adventist University. He happened to be the guest speaker that day in my class and I had an instant attraction to him. We ended up later meeting through a mutual friend.

Caleb and I got married and we waited 8 years to plan to get pregnant. We wanted to get to travel the world before going on an even bigger adventure in life and we did just that. Between 2008 and 2020 we have been to El Salvador, Africa, Europe, Jamaica, China — twice — and to several states within the United States.

Brenda and Caleb 2

Time for a New Adventure

My husband and I decided two years ago we had traveled enough for now and that it was time to see if we could have a baby. I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and anxiety so I was worried this wouldn’t happen.

I began taking prenatal, got off my anxiety medicine, began to eat healthy, and exercise. Also, I read the amazing book What to Expect When You’re Expecting that a very good friend got for me.


I chose to have a C-section but it probably would’ve ended up being required because of the size my baby was and my short stature.

A lot of C-section stories and blogs I read scared me because they focused on the negatives. They said you can’t handle your baby right away or it takes a long time to recover and leaves aches and pains behind. I am here to say that wasn’t true for me at all.

I had an easy labor and delivery and the staff at Erlanger East Medical Center in Chattanooga was amazing. It was like having family there during this pandemic. They not only were attentive to all three of us but the communication in between shifts was phenomenal. Being a first-time mother and being scared because of this pandemic, I could not have asked for a better place to deliver Emma. My OB was top notch and was also my surgeon. You can’t even see my scar and I’m only six months postpartum.

Brenda and Caleb with Emma

Life After Baby

Now that Emma is here we still travel, but now with her.  She has been to three states already. Obviously, our schedules are busier and our dogs had been pushed aside for a bit. But I think we are getting the hang of it by balancing our lives better.

Thankfully, our friends have been open to meeting us at appropriate times as well.  Both our parents live out of state so our friends are our family. My advice to other new moms is to let anyone willing to help, help.


Emma Rose


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