Breast Pump Picks

breast pump kit

Most breast pumps available on the market today are all BPA free, top-rack dishwasher safe, come with bottles you pump directly into and, for electric pumps, have controls to adjust the suction power and speed, however, some are better than others. Here are a few of our picks.

Personal Electric Pumps

Most moms going back to work opt for a personal, double electric pump because it efficiently empties both breasts at the same time. These pumps typically come in a carrying case with the option to use battery power or an electrical outlet. Most offer a cooler for storage and transporting milk. There are also single electric pumps, but they only allow you to empty one breast at a time.

S1 Plus Premier Double/Single Electric Pump
Spectra Baby USA

spectra breast pump

The Spectra Baby S1 Plus breast pump has a closed pumping system that keeps tubing dry while pumping to protect your breast milk and keep you from having to clean it. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery. Best of all, you can customize the settings to fit your body and how you pump.

Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Pump

The Medela is made to be easy to travel with. It’s built into a tote bag that has a portable battery pack and removable cooler bag, so you can hold everything you need whenever you need it. Its 2-Phase Expression Technology also helps you produce more milk in less time.

Double/Single Pump

baby buddha breast pump

The Baby Buddha portable pump is small enough to carry with you while traveling and can be hung around your neck to keep your hands free. It also has a soft cushion that mimics your baby’s lips, so you won’t have to worry about sore nipples.

Wearable Pump

willow breast pump

Although it does come at a hefty price, the Willow helps make life while pumping easier. This pump fits in your bra and has no cords or dangling bottles to hold you back. So whether you’re playing with your baby or at work, you can pump at any time. Check out our review of the Willow breast pump here.

Manual Breast Pumps

For occasional pumping, a manual pump may be the right choice. Suction for these pumps is created manually—some are easy to operate single-handedly while others require two hands. Manual pumps are quiet, small, and easily portable.

New Mom Starter Pack

Haakaa breast pump

The Haakaa is an affordable and award-winning pump, recommended by moms all over the world. Its size makes it great for carrying with you while traveling and can also be used on your lateral breast to catch any letdown while pumping. The flange is made to fit all different breast shapes and sizes and is made with silicone that is gentle and comfortable on the skin. Check out our review of the Haakaa pump here.