Breaking Barriers in Maternal Health: The Mommy Listening Tour Visits Babypalooza

Bridging the Gap in Black Maternal Health

In April 2023, Acclinate’s NOWINCLUDED community debuted an empowering initiative — the Mommy Listening Tour. Launched just before Black Maternal Health Week, the tour aims to revolutionize how Black mothers engage with healthcare experiences and clinical research opportunities. By creating an interactive and safe space for moms to share their birthing and parenting experiences, the tour aims to establish an emotional, insightful, and transformative dialogue that could change the course of maternal and child healthcare in the United States.

The Tour So Far

Since its inception, the Mommy Listening Tour has hosted live installations in DC and Huntsville. The impact has been palpable. With stories and survey responses collected from nearly 150 moms, this initiative is more than a dialogue — it’s a movement. It’s a unique compilation of joys, challenges, concerns, and hopes that Black mothers across the nation have graciously shared. Through these honest narratives, the game is closing to achieving a more inclusive and equitable approach to Black maternal and child health.

Next Stop: Babypalooza on August 26!

The Mommy Listening Tour will be making its next stop at Babypalooza on Saturday, August 26. Building on the momentum of previous events, they will have a studio set up to allow moms from Birmingham and surrounding areas to step in and share their stories. This is more than just a listening booth—it’s an opportunity for moms to become active participants in the much-needed conversation surrounding maternal health.

Moms who complete this survey will also qualify for an exclusive NOWIncluded Swag Bag!

What to Expect at Babypalooza

  • Story Sharing Studio: A comfortable, welcoming space where moms can narrate their experiences, with the option of audio or video recording.
  • Interactive Surveys: Quick, engaging surveys to gather data on general experiences and concerns.
  • Community Connection: Information on maternal and child health, clinical research opportunities, and more in the Black Maternal Health Expo powered by NOWIncluded.
Mommy Listening Tour 3

Why This Matters

Black mothers in America face a myriad of challenges when it comes to maternal and child health, including disparities in medical treatment, prenatal and postnatal care, and clinical research opportunities. The Mommy Listening Tour serves as a conduit for change by allowing mothers to voice these issues and bring them into the mainstream discourse.

A Step Towards the Future

The stories gathered during the Mommy Listening Tour are not just archived; they are catalysts for change, informing healthcare providers, researchers, and policymakers about the real-life experiences and needs of Black mothers. By amplifying these voices at events like Babypalooza, NOWIncluded is building a bridge between the healthcare industry and the communities they are meant to serve.

Mommy Listening Tour 4

Don’t miss out on being a part of this transformative journey. Mark your calendars for August 26 and come share your story at Babypalooza. Let’s build a future where every mother feels heard, supported, and empowered.

Babypalooza is FREE to attend but you must register here for your free ticket.