Black Breastfeeding Week 2021

Black Breastfeeding Week – Why it Matters

Black moms breastfeed too, that’s one of the messages of Black Breastfeeding Week, which takes place from August 25 to 31. BBW was created to encourage black moms to breastfeed, connect with fellow breastfeeding moms, and share their stories and photos. This year’s theme is The Big Pause: Collective Rest for Collective Power

Why is Black Breastfeeding Week so important? For one thing, black women historically have a lower breastfeeding rate than white or Hispanic women.  Offering this type of support and encouragement is an excellent way to boost breastfeeding, which in turn can lower infant mortality.

This year, Black breastfeeding moms can participate in a variety of events both online and in their own communities.

How do you plan to celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week?  Attend a local event? Have your voice heard on a Twitter chat or Instagram virtual summit? Find the full list of events at, and let us know … and don’t forget to share those beautiful selfies!

Cecilia Pearson
Founder and CEO of Babypalooza

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