St. Vincent’s One Nineteen
St. Vincent One Nineteen

St. Vincent’s One Nineteen aims to provide persons of all age groups with safe, fun, and educational swim lessons. They focus on water safety and achieving age-appropriate skills for swimmers.

Payment and Registration

Payment and a completed registration form are required before your first lesson. (Non-members must pay a $25 deposit and complete a registration form before scheduling lessons.) Bring your receipt to the instructor on the first day. Classes are offered year-round, and instructors work with you to provide an accommodating schedule. Members can have their lessons charged to their accounts and can register by stopping by the fitness desk during their next visit.

Lesson/Class Agenda

The time allotted for each lesson or class may include out-of-water instruction, parent/instructor meetings, scheduling, and paperwork. Cancellation and Tardiness Policy There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for scheduled swimming lessons. The lesson is lost if the instructor is not informed 24 hours prior to cancellation. Please call 408-6533 if you need to cancel. All lessons start on time as scheduled. If you are 5 minutes late for a 30-minute lesson, your lesson is 25 minutes.

Illness Policy

For the health of our instructors and swim class participants, they do not instruct any child with fever, diarrhea, cold, infection, or other illness that may be contagious. Any child with these symptoms will be turned away for that day’s lesson, and the staff may require a note from a medical doctor before returning.

Watching Policy

Parents are allowed to watch only the first and last lessons to enhance the learning experience for their children. You are welcome to walk on our indoor or outdoor track during the class.

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