Mountain Brook Presbyterian Preschool
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MBPC Preschool creates a warm and loving environment in which your child will participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities. To help your child grow socially, intellectually and spiritually, the school will engage your child by encouraging:

creative exploration of his or her environment
positive interaction with teachers and other children
learning to respond, sing and listen to different kinds of music
immersion in stories, dramatizations, puppetry and books
using play equipment to aid in physical development
engaging play with manipulative materials such as: paints, clay, crayons, scissors, glue, puzzles and other craft items.

These experiences are designed to strengthen a child’s self concept and understanding of his or her surroundings, such as:

working as an individual
problem solving
respecting others
developing a love for school
understanding that he/she is special and has worth to himself or herself and to others

Once a true sense of self worth is established, a child will have the firm foundation upon which to build their future successes.

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