Birth Prep Doulas
Birth Prep Doulas
WHEN DO YOU TRULY WANT TO RETAIN AND BE ABLE TO APPLY YOUR CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES PRACTICALLY?  Online self-study in the comfort of your home and at convenient times is the way to do it! Birth Prep Doulas offers ‘Practical Childbirth F.O.C.U.S’ to teach you and your partner an in-depth Childbirth Education curriculum in the comfort of your home. This comprehensive course would run up to 8 – 12 hours if every topic and exercise were discussed and covered. It is broken down into a series that follows the acronym ‘F.O.C.U.S’ 5 SESSIONS, AS MANY MINUTES OR HOURS EACH AS IT TAKES YOU, THAT YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR NEEDS AND INTERESTS. WHAT TOPICS DO YOU COVER IN THE COURSE AND PLANNER WORKBOOK? The course comes with a published companion Pregnancy workbook and keepsake Planner: it is available on Amazon for purchase. It is arranged to follow the most important topics covered in Natural Childbirth Education Classes. Created by a Certified Childbirth Educator, Labor Doula, and fellow mom, it follows the acronym F.O.C.U.S to split the topics into 5 themes. It is easy to remember and return to: It is a book + journal in one designed to be a self-study Childbirth Education with space for prenatal notes and personal memories. Use the weekly reflection spaces to write letters to remember for childbirth preparation. Reflect on over 100 positive pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood affirmations selected to inspire calm, confidence, strength, and more. Highlight your favorite affirmations for your birthing day!- Connect with your baby by writing letters and saving memories*For more in-depth preparation: watch the natural Childbirth Education class VIDEOS, access courses, and read evidence-based birth articles here on this website! May you grow in confidence and have a safe, happy pregnancy and birthing day. (Creator/ Author Caroline Johnson, PDCBE) The course follows the acronym F.O.C.U.S. The goal is to dive into the most relevant topics necessary to prepare you for labor, childbirth, and immediate postpartum in a practical way you can easily remember. Even under pressure! Follow the online course with the Planner or jump around the topics you are interested in. Online access includes discussion VIDEOS, prenatal yoga (with Erin ‘the yoga’ Doula), breathing and relaxation exercises, charts, note cards, and more resources. – For extra support and community, join the private course member’s Facebook group YOU MAY BENEFIT FROM OPTING TO TAKE ONLINE CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION IF… + you do not have entire weekends to spare sitting in all-day-long classes + you would instead learn only what you need and are interested in, to feel fully prepared + you would like to go more in-depth without the time limitations of a group setting + you would like adequate space and privacy to practice coping techniques and comfort measures you learn + you would like continued personal contact with your educator for guidance along the rest of your pregnancy, after your classes Common Questions: 1. What if I do not want a natural birth? Will this course be relevant to me? – Practical Pregnancy F.O.C.U.S is not just for natural unmedicated childbirth and also covers topics like planned epidural, planned induction, designed cesarean section, and emergency change of birth plans. It’s AOK to be unsure! It is okay to change your goals and needs and respond to your physical and mental health through pregnancy. This course was created with that in mind and set up with the highly recommended companion Planner to help you navigate all the choices and emotions of childbirth. 2. At what stage of pregnancy should I take this Childbirth Education Course? I would say sign up as early as possible in your pregnancy! This self-paced study is set up to work well with the keepsake Planner. Learning a bit at a time and returning to whatever you need helps your self-confidence and readiness in the long run. 3. Can my partner join me in this course? Absolutely! You may invite your partner to join you in the course. However, please DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD. This is to protect copyrighted material, your privacy, and that of other participants. 4. How long do I have access to the course? Forever! Once you get access, you can study whenever you are ready, take breaks and return to all the topics as often as you need to. 5. What if I have further questions or want to discuss topics not covered in the course? Additional one-on-one virtual Doula support is available on request. Message Caroline using one of our contact forms and I will be happy to reach out to you!
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