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Alfa offers several different life insurance plans that will help you get you and your new little bundle of joy covered. These include:

First Step Life Insurance – For children up to 14 years old, this option offers coverage from $15,000 and flexible payment options Interest

Sensitive Plan – For newborns up to 75 years old, this option offers cash accumulation that earns interest, and excess earnings can be used to pay premiums

Whole Life Insurance – For ages up to 80, this plan offers coverage throughout your lifetime with premiums that don’t go up and coverage that doesn’t come down.

Term Life Insurance Rates by Age – For newborns up to 70 years old, this plan allows you to have life insurance coverage during a set period of time. Once your term expires, you can renew annually.

First Step Life Insurance brochure

Interest Sensitive Life Insurance brochure

One of the benefits of being an Alfa Insurance member is the ability to purchase a car seat for $25 and a booster seat for $15.

There are other member benefits including discounts on hotels, rental cars, vacations, auto parts, and becoming an insurance policyholder.

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