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The Best Beach Bags for Moms

Why do we need an entire article on beach bags for moms? Because you will need to pack a lot of gear to get the kids to and from the beach successfully. We are sharing our top beach bag picks and to ensure you don’t forget anything, we’re sharing a beach packing checklist.

7 Beach Bags for Moms

When shopping for a beach bag you will want one that’s waterproof and large. But you’ll also want something that fits your style and personality. Here are our picks in a variety of styles and price ranges.

Solyinne Straw Beach Bag

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If you want a classic straw beach bag, this one is cute with a colorful tassel pendant, but also functional. It’s made of high-quality straw that’s soft, smooth, durable, and comfortable, and it has a soft cotton lining inside. There is a zipper on top to keep items from falling out and for better privacy, and the thick leather handles make it easy to carry. The bag also includes two inner open pockets to help with organization. While this one is not waterproof, it can also serve as an everyday purse all year round.

CAMTOP Beach Bag Mesh Beach Tote with Cooler Compartment

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This extra-large mesh bag has a zipper closure and multiple pockets. It’s lightweight and stands out for its cooler compartment. The cooler detaches from the bottom and can hold up to 14 cans, and it has an easy-to-clean, flexible liner. It can also fit several water bottles, snacks, and other types of food and drink. The interior is big enough for up to four large beach towels, and the eight pockets on the outside provide lots of space for all the extras, like diapers, water bottles, sunglasses, hats, and whatever else you need to pack.

YETI Camino Carryall 35 Beach Bag

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At a higher price point, this YETI bag can be used as a beach bag, and it can serve many other functions. It’s waterproof and can actually be hosed off as you leave the beach or at home. The thick skin shell provides a puncture and abrasion-resistant surface, and it stands upright on its own thanks to the EVA molded base that provides a sturdy bottom. While it’s large and rugged, it’s also lightweight and can be carried using the crossbar handle or shoulder straps. The zipper closure at the top keeps items safe, and other smaller items can be attached the bag with carabiners.

XL Bogg Bag

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Invented by moms, the Bogg Bag comes in a huge variety of colors and a few patterns. It’s waterproof, washable, tip-proof, and stands up on its own. Clear, zippered pockets inside allow you to organize your stuff and find things when you need them. When you get home from your day at the beach, take everything out, then hose the bag off or wipe it down. The sturdy material will dry quickly and be ready for the next adventure, which can include many different activities throughout the year, not just going to the beach.

Lucazzi XL Utility Tote

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This multi-purpose tote bag works well for the beach with it’s open top design that makes it easy to pack, organize, and find items when you need them. It’s made from durable polyester and has a metal wireframe, and it collapses for easy storage. The Velcro strap on top allows handles to stay together to make it easier to carry. The large main compartment is large enough to hold multiple towels, toys, and other gear, and there are also large mesh pockets on each end of the bag for items that you need to have within easy reach. It comes in many different designs and colors.

Bluboon Beach Bag

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This bag is unique in that it includes a wet compartment for used towels, wet bathing suits, and other items that you need to keep separate. There are several exterior pockets in varying sizes, and a safe interior pocket that works well for keys, phones, and wallets that you don’t want to be as exposed. The lining is waterproof polyester, and there is a zipper and large handles at the top for security and comfort as you trek to and from the beach or pool. Also available in fun patterns, such as pineapples, tie-dye, flamingo, and more.

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

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For those who prefer a backpack style beach bag, this option includes mesh, making it great for wet items that may need to dry or drain. Over the shoulder straps allow for easy transport, and barrel-lock closures provide quick and easy access to your gear. It’s lightweight with a large main compartment, side zipper pocket for additional organization, and a built-in water bottle pocket.

While all of these items won’t fit in your bag, here’s our list of must-have beach gear. In addition to some of those larger items, moms need a beach bag that can fit the essentials below.

Beach Bag Packing Checklist


  • First aid kit
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hats and coverups


  • Baby powder (for getting sand off)
  • Diapers and wipes, including swim diapers
  • Formula, bottles, water
  • Life vests
  • Pacifier
  • Toys (in a mesh bag)


  • Frozen Fruit
  • Snacks
  • Water and drinks (freeze first)


  • Beach towels (hooded towels help keep babies warm when wet)
  • Blanket
  • Nursing cover-up
  • Wet bag

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