Ben and Jerry Ice Cream for Nursing Moms

Ben & Jerry’s Makes an Ice Cream Flavor Perfect for Nursing Moms

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Move over, Chunky Monkey. Step aside, Phish Food. There’s an amazing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor that breastfeeding moms are loving!

Oat of This Swirled ice cream features “brown sugar ice cream with otherworldly swirls of cinnamony oatmeal cookies,” according to the ice cream company.

What’s the scoop on its milk-boosting powers? While no scientific evidence exists, many moms swear by oats for increasing their milk supply. Plus, this ice cream looks pretty amazing.

Will a bowl of ice cream have you filling bottle after bottle with liquid gold? Probably not. But it certainly can’t hurt your milk supply … and nursing moms definitely deserve ice cream.

P.S. What if you don’t like ice cream? Well, you could also try a bowl of oatmeal.

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