Babypalooza Beginnings-02

Introducing Beginnings

A Local Monthly Series for New & Expectant Parents

Beginnings is a new virtual monthly event we are creating to celebrate new and expectant moms and connect her to resources she will need as she grows her family. Offering the same information, she came to the live events for but in a more intimate setting.

Beginnings Box

Moms that attend Beginnings will be eligible to receive the Beginnings Baby Box, filled with information and prizes from presenting partners. This creates the same excitement and connection she would experience at the live event.

To receive the box, she must complete an after-event survey which will include questions to help us connect her with the right partners. It creates a pull market where the follow up emails are not considered spam but a response to requested information.

We will work with your marketing team to determine the best call to action. Examples would be to download your app, a worksheet, get a free consultation etc.



  • Current partnerships with OB/GYN offices and Hospitals
  • Partner marketing channels
  • SEO (16 years of content + $10,000 per month Google Ads Grant)
  • Google and Facebook Advertising
  • Babypalooza Magazine
  • Press Releases to Media


Similar to our national baby expos the monthly Beginnings event will attract moms with the promise of celebration and prizes. It will also include a personable tapped 15-minute introduction about your company and the products and services you offer and an invitation for her to get more information


Beginning is just that the beginning. Moms will receive monthly updates to reminded her about the brand benefits.  This could include:

  • Lifestyle content from and linked to the ALFA INSURANCE Blog
  • Promotional Campaign Announcements
  • Video messages
  • Advertisements
  • Surveys