Discover Essentials for Mom and Baby in the Babypalooza Sample Box

What is the Babypalooza Sample Box?

Moms have always told us that one of the highlights of the live Babypalooza events is the ability to see and try new products – and that’s not canceled! You can continue to explore new products from the comfort of home. 

Unlike the box that includes sample and trial size products you get when you create a baby registry, the Babypalooza Box includes samples and full-size retail products. You get the box for only shipping and handling.

Babypalooza Sample Box

Have a peek inside!

The products found in each box are different, but they all feature a variety of 8-10 full-size items. If you were to purchase each item in the box individually you would spend 3x the cost of our handling fee! Sounds like a good deal, right? Here are a few of our favorites you might find.

Babypalooza Box - Duo Baby Bottle
Babypalooza Box - Purelan Lanolin Cream
Babypalooza Box Lactation Cookies

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