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Baby Developmental Milestones: Months 5-6

The first year flies by. Before you know it, you’ll have a toddler walking around keeping you on your toes. As your baby continues to grow, they will develop in four areas – social, language, large motor development, and small motor development.

Here are the developmental milestones your baby will reach during months 5 and 6.

Month 5 – 6

It’s time to introduce your baby to solids when month six rolls around. Speaking of rolling—your baby will start to do that too.

milestone starting solids


Your baby is able to focus and pay attention better now, so you can introduce reading more.

Other social milestones baby will reach:

  • Can tell the difference between family members and strangers
  • Doesn’t like toys being taken away
  • Recognizes parents


You’ll start to hear sounds that seem awfully familiar to those words you want to hear.

The language development in the fifth or sixth months include:

  • Says vowel-consonant combinations
  • Says one-syllable sounds like “da” “ma” “bi”

Large and small motor development

milestone sitting up

Baby really gets started on the movement journey between five and six months.

Expect to see these developments:

  • Baby rolls from stomach to back (month 5) and back to stomach (month 6)
  • Playing with toes
  • Bears weight on hands by lifting self off the ground during tummy time
  • Begins taking feet and objects to mouth
  • Holds head up when sitting

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