Apps To Help Track Your Kids with GPS

As parents, one of our main goals is to make sure we keep our kids safe and out of danger. In the digital age of iPads and smartphones, our children have the world in the palm of their tiny hands. It can sometimes feel impossible to keep them protected from all possible dangers. Luckily, there are plenty of safety apps and products to help.

Location Tracking Apps


life360 family tracking app

Life360 allows you to see the realtime location of your child. You can receive alerts when they arrive or leave school, home, or other places they frequent often. You’ll also be able to see their past location history and track their phone if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Find My Kids: Family Tracker

find my kids family tracker app

The Find My Kids: Family Tracker app also allows you to track the location of your child. This app can even be installed on a GPS watch if you have a toddler or child without a phone. You’ll be able to receive notifications when your child enters or leaves the house, school, or other places they visit regularly. You’ll also receive notifications when they have a low battery on their phone and if they press the SOS button.

mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker

mspy lite family tracking app

Just like Life360 and Find My Kids, mSpy Lite allows you to check the GPS location of your child, with their location updating every 20 minutes. You can get detailed past location history for the previous three months and set up safety zones to be notified when they’ve entered or left an area you’ve approved as safe. You can also add an alarm button so your child can easily notify you in case of an emergency.

Location Tracking Products

LTAIN Kids Smart Watch with GPS Tracker

The LTAIN Kids Smart Watch has a GPS positioning system built into it so you can track the location and footprint of your little one from your phone. It has two-way calling and voice chat so you can talk to your child. It also has an SOS emergency alarm. This watch is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about it being easily damaged.


Jiobit Smart Tag

The Jiobit is a small, lightweight, and durable clip that you can attach to your child’s clothing, shoes, backpack, or any other item they always have on them. It connects to your phone, allowing you to have real-time location information. You’ll be able to know where your child is and who they’re with. You’ll also receive notifications when they go to and from trusted locations. It’s water-resistant and durable, making it great for active children.


AngelSense location tracker

AngelSense is a GPS tracking device for kids with sensory sensitivities. The device can be attached anywhere and is only removable with a parent key. It has a 1-way voice feature so you can hear if your child is in danger or needs help. It also has a 2-way voice feature where you can talk to your child without them even having to answer the phone. You’ll also receive alerts when your child is in an unexpected place, be able to set off an alarm to locate your child if they’re lost in a crowd or hiding, and send a first responder group alarm to have help finding your child if they’re lost.


Have any safety apps or products you love that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!