Anti Lego Slippers lifesaving product from legos

Anti-LEGO slippers—Yes, Please

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If you’ve never stepped on a LEGO, consider yourself lucky. Those rock-hard toy bricks, covered with sharp edges and multiple corners, produce a special kind of misery when pressed into your poor defenseless foot.

But LEGO apparently has formulated a lifesaving product: Anti-LEGO slippers.

The ingenious footwear slips comfortably onto your feet so you can trek through your living room after a toddler playdate without howling in pain.

How do you get them? Here’s the problem: They only created 1,500 pairs, which were distributed to random people who signed up for wish lists on LEGO France’s website. Le sigh.

We have so many questions: Do they work? Will we ever be able to buy them? Will they (some magical day in the future) ever come free with a set of LEGOS? Only time we

If you sign up for a wish list on the LEGO website, you might snag yourself a pair to test. If all goes well, the company will begin full-blown production of these handy slippers. Only time will telland until then, we’ll just be sitting here patiently rubbing our sore feet.

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