I’m mostly curious for mamas who have experience both with and without an epidural... which did you prefer? And why?

Mallory November 19, 2021
I have 3 children, first 2 epidural and 3rd no epidural. With my experience, I prefer no epidural. My first baby she was a 7.5hr labor from start to finish. 3 pushes and she was out. Very easy. My 2nd I had to be induced. I feel like the epidural slowed down my progress. I (more)

We are doing an article on everything you need to know about C-sections. Have you had a C-section? What information or preparation do you wish you would have had?

Katesha Reid November 18, 2021
I had 2 c-sections. The first was an emergency and the 2nd was planned. The planned was far better. I was able to express my concerns to the Dr and anesthesiologist. My top 5 tips would be: Be sure you walk as soon as they say you can. It helps with soreness and trapped gas. (more)
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