7 Things Moms Love About Shipt Grocery Delivery

If you’ve never heard of the Shipt grocery delivery service before, then you’re missing out on something amazing. With this simple service, you can shop for everything you need without even getting off the couch. (Epic, we know.) You simply open the app, scroll through the virtual “aisles,” and add fruit, veggies, meat, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and lots of junk food (just keeping it real) to your cart.

Then, your personal shopper (seriously!) will head to the store and do your grocery shopping for you. You can connect via text to adjust your order and even get real-time updates from your shopper. (Best of all, unlike your spouse, your shopper will not call you from the store repeatedly to ask whether to buy whole milk or 2 percent even though you wrote it right on the list!) Then voilà—the groceries arrive at your door that same day. Intrigued? Here are seven reasons many new moms are turning to Shipt.

1. Shipt gives you the gift of time.

Life is busy. So, so busy. As a mom, you probably feel like you need to do it all—take care of the kids, spend quality time with your spouse, and make sure the house is clean enough that you won’t be humiliated if a neighbor stops by and peeks inside. Signing up for Shipt means knocking one very time-consuming task off your to-do list. Let’s face it: Grocery shopping is a drain on your time—and if you have kids (or babies) in tow, you can just watch those precious hours slip away.

2. The Shipt app is easy to use.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of technology, you’ll find the Shipt app very user-friendly. First, you’ll see a list of available stores in your area, so you can pick the one you want. (For instance: Publix.) Then, you can browse categories or search for specific products. Not finding something you want? You can send a specific request. It’s also easy to choose a delivery time based on the options provided. When it comes down to it, ordering groceries for the week is about as simple as ordering a pizza!

3. The Shipt personal shoppers are actually really choosy.

Like many moms, you’re probably pretty picky about what you buy at the grocery store. You don’t want the chicken that’s leaking from the package, the rock-hard pears you know won’t ripen, or the bananas that are a bit too brown. Thankfully, Shipt shoppers feel the same way. You can rest assured that they’ll do their best to choose exactly what you would.

4. Real-time communication means zero surprises when you get your order.

Has your spouse ever come home and said, “Sorry, the store was out of [extremely important item]!” without even giving you the chance to suggest a substitute? Your Shipt shopper would never do that! If the store runs out of something, your shopper will get in touch immediately so you can decide what item might work in its place for the bake sale/party/family dinner you’re planning for.

5. Using the service is not nearly as expensive as you might think.

For that kind of service, you might think Shipt would be cost-prohibitive … but it’s actually quite affordable! You can choose from a yearly membership ($99 per year) or a monthly membership ($14 per month). Once you’re a member, you receive free delivery for orders over $35 (and we’ve gotta ask… has anyone with kids actually spent less than $35 at the grocery store?). Otherwise, your order will have a flat $7 delivery fee.

Yes, the items in the store are slightly marked up to cover the costs of “picking, packing, and processing,” as Shipt puts it. For a $35 order, the extra cost would be around $5. Shipt’s example? “A loaf of Wonderbread costs $2.29 in the store and $2.59 to have it delivered to your door using Shipt.” (Spoiler alert: We think that’s worth it!)

6. Shipt lets you order Costco items without paying for a Costco membership.

Yes, you read that right. If you’ve balked at paying for a Costco membership but still long for the bulk goodies a membership brings, you’re in luck. Your Shipt membership means you don’t need a Costco membership to order! So go ahead and treat yourself to that gigantic bag of trail mix—you get all the benefits without navigating that giant shopping cart through the warehouse while the kids scream for samples.

7. You can still shop for bargains.

Every mom loves a sale—we just don’t always love poring over store fliers looking for savings, hunting for online codes, or (even worse) clipping coupons out of local publications. One of the best things about Shipt is that right in the app, you can easily browse the section devoted to “What’s on Sale.” So if you’re at all flexible when you’re planning the week’s meals, you can save money with just a few clicks.

What are you waiting for? Give Shipt a try! You have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of spare time to gain. (And no judgment here should you choose to spend that rare spare time relaxing on the couch with a good book … you deserve it.)