4 Outdoor Activities You Can Do with Children while Social Distancing

Kid Friendly Outdoor Activities while in Quarantine

With the potential of several more weeks of quarantine and social distancing to go many of you may be looking for ideas to keep the kids engaged. After all, there’s only so many times we can watch Frozen 2, right? Have no fear here are four outdoor fun activities that will leave everyone feeling refreshed.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air with Your Baby
Allow your baby to explore the sights and sounds of Mother Nature by sitting in your private space. Simply taking a step outside can lead to a relaxing break for you and a chance for exploration for your little one. If you choose to enjoy the outdoors with your child beyond the privacy of your own home, consider a stroller to reinforce social distancing from passersby.

Start a Garden
One of our favorite ways to get some fresh air with the family is through gardening. Exercising your green thumb with your children can be a great bonding and learning opportunity too! Whether you choose to turn the time into a science lesson or just share the passion for planting, gardening is an easy and safe activity to enjoy with family members of all ages.

Go On a Scavenger Hunt
Turn your backyard into a treasure mine by putting together a scavenger hunt. Get creative and form your own list of search items or use one of the many options offered by Pinterest. Be sure to set boundaries and remind your children to keep their distance while always avoiding rough play to scoop up an item first.

Play in the Mud
This option may not be for the faint of heart. Find a safe, chemical, and animal waste-free area, and allow for your kid’s imagination to run free. Will they turn their muddy space into a diner serving up pancakes or will they run cars in a race for first place? The options are endless! It is important to reinforce that this particular activity should always be parent-approved before diving in to play.

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Aside from the apparent benefits of outdoor time for children such as stepping away from screen time and soaking up Vitamin D, there are a number of added positives:

• Improvement in sensory skills
• Increases in attention span
• Reduces stress
• Encourages an active lifestyle

While it is always our hope that your outdoor adventures are filled with fun and laughter, we also know that sometimes accidents happen. Urgent Care for Children is there for any sickness and any reason all 365 days of the year for patients ages 0 to 21. With an on-site lab, x-ray, and pharmacy, the pediatric urgent care facility is a one-stop-shop for all of your child’s after-hours needs. Open late nights and weekends, UC4C’s trusted pediatricians can be found in five cities across the state of Alabama.