11 Best Baby Carriers

 11 Best Baby Carriers

No product makes it easier to live your life with a baby in tow like a baby carrier. They allow you to keep your hands free and your baby close to you while they nurse, sleep, and relax. Whether you’re out and about or at home, having one will come in handy. But, with so many different types on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to buy.

We’ve narrowed down some of the top baby carriers to help you find the one that’s best for you.

Baby Carrier Picks

Boppy® ComfyFit® Baby Carrier

Boppy ComfyFit Carrier

The Boppy® ComfyFit® Baby Carrier is inspired by yoga apparel, making it lightweight and able to support you and your baby’s active lifestyle. You can carry your baby front facing-in or front facing-out. It is also a one size fits most carrier, allowing sharing between caregivers to be quick and easy. The padded waist belt and wide shoulder straps help distribute your baby’s weight evenly and even has a zippered pocket to keep small items in reach. It is machine washable and fits infants from 8 – 35 pounds.

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

Boba baby wrap carrier

The Boba Wrap is a one size fits all carrier. It is made of cotton and spandex so it retains its shape and has a four-way stretch that provides flexibility, adjustability, and support. The fabric also clings to the contours of your body after tying, so you don’t have to guess how much space to leave. It is machine washable and fits babies from birth to 35 pounds.

MOBY Ring Sling

Moby ring sling

The MOBY Ring Sling offers a fashionable and functional carrier option for parents and caregivers. It is made of high-quality, cotton fabric and offers both front and hip-carrying options. It is one-size-fits-all, machine washable, and fits babies 8 – 33 pounds.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow
Baby Tula

Baby Tula free to grow carrier

The Baby Tula Free-to-Grow baby carrier adjusts in width and height, allowing you to carry your baby as a newborn up to toddlerhood. It has adjustable, padded shoulder straps that provide neck and shoulder comfort and make it easy to adjust between wearers and a wide padded waistband with a large front pocket. It is made of 100% cotton, making it soft, lightweight, and breathable. You also have the option to front or back carry your baby. The Baby Tula Free-to-Grow is machine washable and can be used from 7 – 45 pounds, no infant insert required.

Ergobaby 360 All Positions

Ergobaby 360 carrier
The Ergobaby 360 All Positions carrier allows you to carry your baby on your hip, on your back, front facing-in, and front facing-out. It has a padded lumbar support waistbelt and shoulder straps to keep you comfortable. The bucket seat is adjustable and supports your baby in the natural ‘M’ position in all carry positions from when they’re a baby until they’re a toddler. This carrier is machine washable and can be used from 12 – 45 pounds.

Baby Tula Explore
Baby Tula

Baby Tula Explore carrier

The Baby Tula Explore Carrier has a large mesh panel that provides extra ventilation for breathability to keep you and your baby cool. You can carry your baby in multiple positions, including front facing-in, front facing out, and on your back. It has padded shoulder straps for neck and shoulder comfort, a wide padded waistband to help distribute weight evenly, padded leg openings to keep your baby comfortable, and a padded neck support pillow to provide head and neck support for your baby. It’s easily adjustable to transition between wearers and adjusts in width to fit your baby as they grow into toddlerhood. The Baby Tula Explore is machine washable and fits babies from 7 – 45 pounds, no infant insert required.

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Carrier

The LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Carrier keeps you ready for anything and adapts quickly. Wear it in the winter to keep your baby warm and during the summer, zip-down the front panel to keep your baby cool. The carrier has pockets to hold any of your loose items. It also has adjustable straps, an extendable back panel, lumbar support, and an adaptable seat so you can get the perfect fit for you and your baby. Carry your baby front-facing, back-facing, on your hip, and on your back. This carrier is for babies 7 – 45 pounds.

Miamily Hipster Plus 3D Carrier

Miamily carrier

The Hipster Plus has 9 wearing options, including front facing-in, front facing-out, back carrying, three hip seat only options, and three single shoulder-carrying options for sling-like babywearing. The carrier also offers full lumbar support and a 3D seat to protect your baby’s hips. It also has built-in storage to fit both you and your baby’s essentials. The Hipster Plus is for newborns up to 48 months.

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

The Flip 4-in-1 is a great, affordable option that will last you through your baby’s toddler years. It has a narrow seat and head support for small infants and can be switched to a wide position as your baby grows. Added bonus, it comes with a Wonder Cover™ bib to protect your clothes and carrier. This carrier allows you to carry your baby front-facing, back-facing, and on your back. It fits babies from 8 – 32 pounds.

Boba Classic 4GS Carrier

The Boba 4GS has plenty of features any mama will enjoy. It has a removable sleeping hood, purse strap holders to keep your purse or diaper bag close to you while carrying your little one (genius!), and a quick-release breastfeeding buckle to make it easy to nurse while on the go. Not to mention it comes in several different cute and playful designs. It has front and back carry options and supports babies from 7 – 15 pounds.

Baby Björn Baby Carrier Mini
Baby Björn

Baby Bjorn mini carrier
The Baby Carrier Mini is a small baby carrier to use for short babywearing sessions during your baby’s early months. It allows you to keep your baby close to you, while also keeping your hands free. It is easy to use, with a few adjustable buckles allowing you to quickly put it on, take your baby out, and adjust as your baby grows. The Baby Carrier Mini is made of 3D fabrics. So, your baby will be padded and protected while also keeping cool. This carrier is for babies 0 – 12 months and 7 – 24 pounds.

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