10 Reasons to LOVE a Community Doula

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BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project

Unique in Alabama, BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project, (BWP), celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year, when it expects to surpass 500 births in Central Alabama. The Birmingham-based non-profit trains and contracts with professional birth doulas to serve families who could not otherwise afford to add this lifesaving-support to their healthcare team.

To honor this healthy milestone and Alabama mothers in May, BirthWell Partners shares 10 reasons (below) to support your local doula, including a series of heart-warming photographs of newborns. Many of the infants are wearing BWP’s signature T-shirt, “A BirthWell Partners Doula Helped Me Out!”

“That’s because a professionally trained BWP doula provided support for the family – before, during and after the birth — to help make sure that the mother and baby had the best possible outcomes,” says co-founder Dalia Abrams. “Our goal in the next 10 years is to train and support enough doulas to cover every community that wants one.”

10 Reasons to Love a Community Doula

  1. Your doula helps you find reliable information about evidence-based birth options – and has plenty of time for your questions.
  2. Your doula knows you are the expert on yourself and the decision maker about your birth plan, coaching you on how to ask questions, or adapt when circumstances change.
  3. Your doula offers a sounding board for doubts and concerns, so you can make care decisions for yourself with confidence, relax and enjoy having a baby.
  4. Your doula reminds you to take care of yourself, too, with “mothering the mother” resources on everything from nutrition to meditation.
  5. Your doula connects you with other professionals, from childbirth educators and pregnancy yoga/exercise practitioners to lactation specialists.
  6. Your doula listens with a trained, non-judgmental ear to help you find your own birth power and start to mother, even before the baby comes.
  7. Your doula is by your side for appointments — before, during, and after labor — helping you achieve healthy outcomes and stay healthy for the baby.
  8. Your doula serves your entire birth team, helping your partner and family members be more at ease and effective.
  9. Your doula is just a text or phone call away for face-to-face or virtual service at home, a favorite meeting place, or in a Birmingham-area hospital.
  10. Your doula is cost effectivefor you and the healthcare system, so don’t feel guilty about asking for one. You deserve a doula!


For more information, contact Ms. Abrams at dalia@BirthWellPartners.org

or BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project.

BirthWell Gallery of New Babies
BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project will surpass 500 births this year as it trains and supports professional doulas for families in Central Alabama communities. Photographs courtesy BirthWell Partners.